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10 minutes from Topeka, 20 minutes from Lawrence, 50 minutes from Manhattan
  Q. How can I work at Gary's Pumpkin Patch?
  A. Click on the Employment link to get more information on how to apply.
  Q. Where do you park and how much is it?
  A. There is plenty of free parking in the front pasture as you drive in. You may want to wear old shoes due to weather conditions.
  Q. Are the attractions open if it RAINS?
  A. Heavy rains DO close the park, BUT "other" rains add to the atmosphere! Check out our Gary's Pumpkin Patch Facebook page or watch your local weatherman and dress appropriately. Most cue lines and most attractions are outdoors. Any closures will be posted on our Gary's Pumpkin Patch Facebook page.
  Q. Does Gary's Pumpkin Patch have a Security Team?
  A. Yes, the park is patrolled by uniformed Sheriff Officers. Gary's Pumpkin Patch has a Zero Tolerance rate for trouble makers. Trouble Makers will be escorted. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!
  Q. Food? Is there someplace to buy food?
  A. There are food stands located in the center of the farm where you can get anything from a drink, a snack or a meal! Try our apple cider slushies. You'll love em!
  Q. Are there things I am NOT ALLOWED to bring to Gary's Pumpkin Patch?
  A. No Pets, No Costumes unless cleared with us first, No Masks, No Outside Food or Drink of any kind. No weapons of any kind.
  Q. Does Gary's Pumpkin Patch serve or allow ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?
  A. NO! There are No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed nor do we serve any! Thanks for honoring this family friendly request.
  Q. Can I bring my camera and flashlight?
  A. You may bring your camera around the fall festival. Flashlights are not necessary since the entire festival is well lit.
  Q. Is there a discount for children?
  A. No, our festivities are designed to be equally fun for children and adults.
  Q. Do you give group discounts?
  A. Please visit our tickets page.
  Q. How can I get more information?
  A. If you have a question that was not answered on our website, email us at and send us questions or comments, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.